Dermaton oil (EN)


So today post is about my favourite facial and body oil Dematon oil from Energy.

Producer says:

Dermaton oil is a natural, easy to absorbing oil for perfect skin regeneration. Contains rice germ oil, sea buckthorn and jojoba oil, lecithin and other essential oils, of which the most important is lavender essential oil and thyme. It does not contain UV protection factors, therefore it is not suitable for sunbathing.
 Use of dermaton oil:

  •  the daily care of dry and normal skin
  • to improve the flexibility and elasticity of the skin
  • after sunbathing care
  • helps with burns on stage redness of the skin
  • as a repellent against biting insects  
(some info translated from web page energy page)
And this is how it looks: 

 The pakage looks like piece of furniture it's simply beautiful. And now about the oil from my point of view.

The smell is totally divine, unobtrusive and during the summer  really acts like a good repellent . I think it's also great as a aromatherapy.

I personally use it on the skin but also on the body . Every evening on my face, after appliance the skin is  hydrated, smooth and beautifully radiant in the  morning.
It solved my problems with dry patches on the cheeks and it also work against small acne pimples on T zone. From my experience certainly does not worsen acne on the contrary it heals it perfectly.

Sometimes I also use it as primer under make up works perfectly .

My mom (elder skin 55+)uses it regularly and she is very pleased with results, sees improvement  to the quality and flexibility of the skin.

The body usage as: either as a repellent,  
after depilation perfectly soothe the skin and it also moisturizes it, and also on any dry spots that occur but they somehow disappeared after long use.

Only disadvantage of this oil by my opinion is that it can a little colour the skin but that only happens in case of very fair skin.

For me it's a miracle oil and i use ot every day.

I also hear that it's great on hair  to  the ends but so for I didn't try.

The oil spreads easily and simply and beautifully soaking to the skin. I personally use it on  to slightly damp skin or with rose water.

Price: € 13

           Thanks for looking and commenting! May the force be with you

 *I purchase this products by myself

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  1. Unfortunatelly it isn't avalaible in my country what a pity


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